What is a Roof Inspection?

Insurance adjuster figuring hail damage done to insureds roof.

Learn About What Goes on With a Roof Inspection

Your home will undergo many changes over the years or perhaps you’re in the market for a new home. With both cases, a roof inspection will make sure that the integrity of the property is up to date without unaccounted damages or wear. A roof inspection is a very important and necessary step with home maintenance as it can prevent costs of neglected small issues from rising up to even bigger repairs or replacements. Get in touch with your local roofing company to learn more about how a roof inspection can help your home or business. Until then, here is some basic information regarding a roof inspection that may be of use to you.

Why do I need a roof inspection?

A roof inspection will be necessary for cases such as severe weather passing with heavy rain, wind, and hail as they all can incur heavy damages. Your insurance will also call for a professional roof inspection as supportive proof when insurance claims for repair are being made. A roof inspection is also taken when properties are being appraised for a new buyer. After that, a roof inspection is also recommended annually or as needed for general home maintenance.

What does a roof certification cover?

A roof certification is a form of warranty given by a qualified roofing contractor that states that they have inspected or even repaired a roof. They certify that this roof will last a given amount of time like 3 years in preserving its current condition. This certification is less of a warranty and more of a maintenance plan for the roof and a roof inspection can be given after this time for any repairs or other roofing services if need be.

How often should you have a roof inspection?

A roof inspection is often recommended annually yet other materials may have guidelines which recommend differently. An asphalt or composite shingle, as well as wooden shingle roofs, can be inspected by a professional roofer every three years while a tile roof can go 5 years before another roof inspection is necessary. With heavy storms, it’s important to have a roof inspection conducted as soon as possible after noticing issues.

Who can do a roof inspection?

A roof inspection is typically conducted by someone who holds a certificate for professional roof inspections. They are usually employed with the city when the city sends a roof inspector or with a qualified roofing company. Roofing inspectors may also have employees who are required to obtain this skill and certificate for future roofing jobs.

What do roof inspectors look for?

A roof inspector will look for several things during a roof inspection that will comprise of several components of the home or business’s structural makeup. They will look for common issues such as leaks, windblown debris damages, unusual wear and tear, organic growth issues and also problems that may have incurred from installations or repairs. 

How long does it take to inspect a roof?

A roof inspection’s length of time will depend on the property and other circumstances. Generally, it will take anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. If progress was halted with unexpected storms they may need to restart the inspection or finish it for another day. Sometimes the roof inspector can be requested to come out again after a roofing job to ensure it was done properly. 

What does a roof inspection consist of?

A roof inspection will consist of many other things yet basically they will check the interior attic for proper ventilation, insulation, and unwanted mold or moisture. An exterior inspection will have the inspector climb up on the roof to check for such things as proper flashing, leaks and the condition of roofing materials and the chimney.

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Roof Inspection Checklist

  • Missing or broken roofing materials.
  • Cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing.
  • Cracked or worn rubber boots around vent pipes.
  • Masses of moss, lichen, algae or mold which can point to roof decay underneath.
    • Black algae are considered cosmetic.
  • Missing chimney cap.
  • Interior attic rotted or waterlogged beams.
    • Moisture issues like leaks or mold.
  • Interior ventilation and insulation.

Who pays for roof inspection?

With appraisals, who pays for a roof inspection can be negotiated from the buyer and the seller. Some cases will have a homeowner who is looking to sell conduct an inspection while the potential buyer will also have an inspector conduct one to make sure there aren’t differences in reports. Yet after a home inspection is made, by state law and seller disclosure laws, the seller is required to pay for repairs. Generally, if you aren’t looking to sell and simply own a home, a roof inspection will be paid by yourself. For storm damages get in touch with your insurance company for your policy details as they may have an insurance adjuster come out.

How much does a roofing inspection cost?

A roof inspection can cost on average $204. Most homeowners will pay between $119-$295 yet some cases have gone as high as $600. With added technology such as roof inspections done with infrared or drones costs in the budget will change.

Contact Your Local Roofing Company

When you’re looking to have a roof inspection get into contact with your local roofing company for assistance. A qualified inspector will make sure that all issues that could possibly be happening with your roof are noted from their training. A roof inspection will make sure that your roof is properly maintained and cared for so that it will last a long time. Save on potential issues from arising by getting a roof inspection as often as your inspector recommends based on your roofing materials and current roofing condition. Ensure a better lasting roof with a professional roof inspection today.

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