Skylight Maintenance For Your Home

Photo of skylightSkylights are considered a luxury in homes. These wonderful additional windows provide natural light and air flow for your home. Many people get very excited about these being installed and then do not realize they need to clean them regularly. When cleaning your skylights, where do you start? We have compiled a short maintenance checklist for your skylight. 

Skylight Maintenance List

Cleaning The Glass

Like any window within your home, your skylight needs the glass cleaned. You do not need to go onto your roof to get the exterior glass. The rain will take care of the exterior side. Do a general wipe down like you would your other windows. Be sure to inspect the glass to make sure there are no chips or cracks.

Test The Motor

Some skylights are run by motors or pulleys. Be sure to test these regularly to ensure there are no problems. You can even inspect the gears regularly to visually check that they are moving correctly. 

Inspect For Leaks

Of course you should always make sure you have no leaks. These can be caused by loose seals, broken glass, or other problems with your skylight. If you notice any leaks, try and determine the origin of the leak itself, be it a corner or the glass.

If you notice any leaks or cracks, it is best to have your local specialist come to your home and complete skylight repair to ensure everything is in perfect condition. Do you need skylight repair in Baltimore, MD? Call Recover Home Improvement today at (410)-288-1633!