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Looking for a skilled roofing contractor company to take care of your roof repair needs? Full roof system services for both residential and commercial properties are available from Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc.. We know you want skilled roofing that follow to state-of-the-art practices and technique. For over 15 years, our team has been within the roof repair industry, installing and maintaining commercial and residential roofing systems. With certifications from GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and more, we provide you both quality service and peace of mind knowing you are receiving the best quality for your roofing system from Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. We know in providing each and every project sound, safe and lawful service as well as honest professionalism. Our aim is that we offer you the best roof repair or installation for your home or business while also giving you a top-notch customer experience.

At Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc., we even offer home exterior services to rebuild your home’s defenses. Get your home exterior back to it’s best and ready to defend your house with our window, siding, and gutter services. We utilize top materials on the market and aid you in choosing the best systems that match your style and needs. Our team is always available to help you and get started on your roof service needs. Call (410)-288-1633 today to speak with a skilled roofing contractor about roof inspection and repair! Get quality repair from your local roofing company in Highspire, PA

Residential Services

Quality Residential Roofing Services

From gutters to fascia, our contractors take care of each part of your home exterior and roof system. To protect your house, your entire roofing system must be in excellent condition, because one part can affect the others. The Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. team is here to ensure that your home is ready to weather anything that comes at it. If you want skilled, local residential roofing services, including the following, contact our roofing company in Highspire, PA at (410)-288-1633 today:

  • Fascia Repair & Replacement: Fascia is the decorative, vertical trim around your home, and often needs repair due to moisture and wood rot.
  • Gutter Repair & Replacement: If your gutters are not draining correctly, you could risk serious erosion and foundation issues.
  • Siding Installation: Good siding doesn’t just help your home look good, it also plays a vital role in insulating your home and maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Skylight Repair & Replacement: When you have a damaged skylight, we know that you need fast service to avoid serious problems, so give us a call right away!
  • Soffit Repair & Replacement: Because of its location, soffit is frequently affected by water, bird and bug nests, and rot, calling for regular inspections.
  • Window Installation: If you have a damaged window or one that lets in moisture and drafts, our contractors can provide expert window installation.
  • Roof Repairs & Replacement: When your roof has sustained serious damage or is getting old, talk to our contractors about roof repair and replacement services near you.
  • Roofing Inspection: A seasonal roofing inspection can help find any problems, extend the lifespan of your roof, and save you money.

Our Roofing Materials

Materials We Use

When deciding on a new roof for your home, there are many factors to consider, from your style to how much you can afford. This is why our team carries an extensive selection of residential roofing materials to choose from! To provide you with the best quality at the best price, our roofers use materials from trusted manufacturers. Whether you want a classic style, the most long-lasting roof, or are going for a Mediterranean flair, we have options for you. Our roofers are skilled in repairing and replacing the following roofing materials for your house:

  • Asphalt Shingle Installation: Moderately durable and always stylish, asphalt shingles are an excellent choice for any style house.
  • Cedar Shake Roof Repair: Many homeowners enjoy the look of authentic cedar shakes despite the fact that they require more intensive maintenance than other materials.
  • Slate Roof Repair: Among the most expensive roofing materials, slate requires experienced installation and offers long-lasting durability.
  • Tile Roof Repair: Tile roofs are extremely long-lasting and resistant, but their weight may require additional structural support.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Company

In addition to residential roof and home repairs, our roofing company also offers skilled commercial roofing services. Our roofing contractors have experience in several kinds of low-slope roof replacement and repair and are happy to help you find the best solution for your business. We provide multiple types of commercial roofs to accommodate your budget and unique needs. Improper installation can lead to serious water ponding problems, but you don’t have to worry about this when you choose our roofing contractors! If you need trusted, skilled commercial roofing company services, give our contractors a call at (410)-288-1633 to learn more about what we offer:

Bad roof installation or repair can result in even more problems down the road, so make sure you hire the best. Call Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. at (410)-288-1633 when you need a Highspire, PA roofing company that you can rely on for quality residential and commercial roofing services!