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Our Roofing Company Provides Quality Services You Can Count On

From gutters to skylights, our roofers take care of each part of your house exterior and roof system. This is because we know the value of a whole-home protection system to keep you and your family protected from the weather. Each repair we perform is done with your safety and satisfaction in mind, and you can trust that our roofers will not give you anything less than the best quality. Contact our roofing company in Gettysburg, MD for friendly service and premier residential roof and home services, including:

  • Fascia Repair & Replacement: Keep your home looking great with beautiful new fascia board, especially if yours is sagging, cracking, or decaying.
  • Gutter Repair & Replacement: Over time your gutters can rust or split and start to leak, which may necessitate gutter repair or replacement.
  • Siding Installation: Siding is susceptible to splitting, rotting, chipping, and water damage over time, which can reduce energy efficiency.
  • Skylight Repair & Replacement: From storm damage to poor installation, skylight problems can result in extensive damage in your home so don’t put off repair!
  • Soffit Repair & Replacement: Vinyl and wood are two of the typical materials used for soffit, offering many style choices.
  • Window Installation: At Recovery Home Improvement, we understand the importance of quick and affordable window repair so give us a call today!
  • Roof Repairs & Replacement: When your roof has sustained serious damage or is aging, talk to our roofers about roof repair and replacement services near you.
  • Roofing Inspection: If you suspect a problem with your roof, call us for a thorough roof inspection in Gettysburg, MD.

Materials We Use

Deciding on a new roof can be stressful to homeowners due to the sheer number of options, their budget, and types of materials. Because of this, we replace and repair all types of residential roofs and provide nearly endless options to choose from. Though proper installation is essential for a good roof, materials from trusted manufacturers provide additional assurance and beauty. Whether you want a classic look, the most long-lasting roof, or are going for a Mediterranean design, we have you covered. If you have questions about cost, longevity, or something else, give us a call about the following types of roofs:

  • Asphalt Shingle Installation: Whether you want the most cost-effective shingles or toughest architectural shingles, they are available in many colors and cuts to suit your style.
  • Cedar Shake Roof Repair: Cedar shake roofs give a classic look to any house, but require more upkeep than other roofing materials.
  • Slate Roof Repair: Offered in many earthy colors, slate roofs are perhaps the most resilient and expensive roofing materials available.
  • Tile Roof Repair: Tile roofs are very long lasting and resistant, though their weight may call for extra structural support.

Commercial Roofing Services

When you are in need of quality commercial roofing services, look no further than our roofing company in Gettysburg, MD. We work fast to deliver high quality, cost-effective flat roof solutions for your building. You have many materials to choose from when it comes to commercial roof systems, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Because they have such a low slope, flat roofs require correct repair and installation to prevent water ponding. Give our experienced roofing contractors a call anytime if you need quality commercial roofing services in Gettysburg, MD, including:

When you need a quality roof that will last, choose a reliable roofing contractor with a good portfolio. Contact Recovery Home Improvement at (410) 288-1633 when you need a Gettysburg, MD roofing company that you can rely on for quality residential and commercial roof services!