How To Safely Hang Lights From Your Roof This Holiday Season

Holiday Lights

Mini Lights Are An Energy Efficient And Cool Burning Option For Decorative Lighting!

With Christmas on it’s way, many homeowners are eager to decorate and share their Christmas cheer! However, not everyone is a light-hanging expert, and when the new year starts, we often get calls to repair damages caused by improper light-hanging techniques! In today’s post, we will go over a few simple ways to keep your light hanging experience safer for yourself, as well as safer for your roof!

Safety First

There are a few things to consider when it comes to safety in these situations. First, wait for some decent weather. If it is a low-light, damp, or wet day,  you risk your health, and increase your chances of slipping. When you have some nice dry weather, use a ladder that can extend a couple feet past your eaves, and be sure you have consistently stable ground to place it on.

Use The Right Equipment

Every single year, we see roof fascia filled with large staples and holes, because a homeowner used staples to hang up their lights. There are actually various non-damaging light hook option on the market, and in the long run, such options will save you more money than the staples will. There are options for hanging from the eaves, as well as options for hanging from the fascia.

Consider Energy Efficient Options

As technology advances, we certainly get better Christmas lights! Newer mini lights are more energy efficient, and do no get hot to the touch in the way that older Christmas lights would. This can save you some money on powering the lights, as well as help you worry less about hot lights!

If while hanging your Christmas lights, you notice any signs of roof damage, be sure to give our team a call at (410) 288-1633 for fast and affordable repairs!