Which Roofing Material Should I Choose?

roofing materialChoosing to upgrade the roof of your home allows to effectively communicate its over all feel and look while adding value at the same time. Although the roof framing and proper installation are both very important, deciding on the right roofing material can bring the exterior of your home to an entirely new level.

Here are some things to consider while deciding on the roofing material that is going to be the best fit:

Does this material meet the standards of fire codes in your area?
How much does it cost?
Is the material heavy enough to where it will call for special framing?
Is this material able to withstand any extreme weather conditions that may be particular to your area?
Is this material offered in a variety of colors and styles that will enhance the look of your home?
What is the life span an warranty of this product?
Will this product require any special installation or maintenance?

Once you’re able to answer each of these questions, you are well on your way to choosing your perfect roofing material.

Types of Materials

There are many types of materials that are available and here are some of the top options:

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