Cedar Shake Roof Repair

Cedar Shake Roof Repair

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance Takes a Special Type of Roofer. Luckily, that’s One of Our Specialties

Does your cedar shake roof need repair in Dundalk, MD or neighboring areas? You are in the right place. Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. has everything you need when it comes to residential roofing repair and installation. Be sure to give us a call today at (410) 288-1633.

About Cedar Shake Roofs

A cedar shake roof has been one of the top choices for roofing material for centuries. The long-lasting durability of this product makes it ideal. A cedar shake roof normally lasts about 10 years longer than other materials, such as asphalt. In addition, these wooden shakes are highly resistant to high winds, heavy rains, snowstorms, along with other types of severe storms.

Cedar shake roofs also provide a natural insulation double that of asphalt shingles, which makes it more energy efficient. You are able to save on cooling and heating costs in your home and substantially decrease your energy bills.

As great as cedar shake roof systems are, some common problems can potentially happen when dealing with this roofing material.

Common Issues:

Cracking or Curling Shakes – There are numerous reasons why a cedar shake roof would crack. Normally, it all comes down to the quality of the individual shake itself. However, the damage can also be caused by excessive foot traffic or harsh chemical treatments. Cracked shakes can lead to leaks and even be carried away by the wind. Also keep in mind that it is not uncommon for new shakes to move around a bit when the temperature changes or during the transition from wet to dry season. However, when they begin to curl and become deformed, that is a telltale sign the roofing system is failing.

Debris and Moss – This is not a pretty sight to look at on your roof. Not only that, moss and debris can cause leaks and significantly shorten the life of your roof.

Rotting – The same as any natural product that is consistently exposed to the weather, it begins to erode over time. If your cedar shake roof is composed of different shakes that are different qualities, you may see some start to decay before others. Excessive pressure washing, harsh chemicals, and growths, such as moss, can be a catalyst for roof decay.

All of these problems can be avoided with regular inspections and maintenance. Give Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. a call at (410) 288-1633 to schedule your appointment today for your cedar shake roof.