How To Keep Your Residential Roof Protected This Spring

How To Keep Your Residential Roof Protected This Spring

Roof Protection Is Important In Order To Keep Your Residential Roof In Good Condition.

With the Spring season in full swing, rain showers are bound to hit your city. While rain is great for our lawns, severe weather can do a number on our residential roof. Although this can be stressful, there are a few roof protection tips you can follow in order to protect your roof this spring.

Check Your Shingles

Our shingles are the layer that ensures no water penetrates our homes. It is our first line of defense against inclement weather, so it is important to check your shingles for cracks, curling, buckling, and even missing shingles for the ultimate roof protection.

Clean Your Gutters

The purpose of our roof’s gutters is to carry away water from the roof. When gutters are clogged, it can back up water and cause leaks on the roof. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, cleaning your gutters every few months is a great roof protection step.

Inspect Flashing

The flashing on our roof is placed wherever there is a corner, joint, opening on your roof that needs to be sealed. Usually, the flashing is made from cement, tar, or even metal. When it becomes damaged, it can cause water to get into your home. Inspecting the flashing and fixing any issues can save you money and stress.

Examine Your Attic

After a big storm, you can go up in your attic and check to see if there is any damaged insulation, ceiling boards, or sheetrock. Water will hit your attic first, so checking that area will help you remedy the problem rather quickly.

If you don’t want to check these things yourself, consider a professional roof inspection from the professional roofers at Recovery Home Improvement! If you are interested in a roof inspection in Baltimore, MD, call them today at (410)-288-1633.