How Do You Know If Your Skylight is Leaking?

A Picture of a Skylight That is Going To Be Repaired.

Signs You Have a Skylight Leak

One of the best ways for homeowners to add a little more light into darker rooms is having one or two skylights installed. Because these types of window is installed on a roof, they can develop leaks just like roofing systems. Why do skylights leak? The most common reason that a skylight would leak is because the flashing around the skylight has become damaged due to corrosion or hasn’t been installed properly. Other reasons why a skylight might leak is because of condensation or water got through the roofing upslope and is causing a leak in the skylight’s framing. In order to resolve skylight leaks, you will need to call roofers who are able to perform skylight repair. With professional skylight repair, skylight leaks will become a problem of the past.

Why Do Skylights Leak?

If your skylight is leaking, the first thought that pops in your head is why is your skylight leaking. There are several reasons why a skylight will leak, with a few of them being improper installation and insulation, problems with the roof sealing or flashing, or melting snow infiltrating through the skylight. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to get the skylight inspected by an expert roofing contractor. They can take a look at the skylight and pinpoint what the issue is. From there, they can provide a skylight repair service to fix the problem. It can be stressful having a skylight leak and not knowing what to do, but contacting someone who knows what they are doing may give you more peace of mind.

People, who need to get skylight repair usually ask, “How much does it cost to fix a leaky skylight?” There are different types of skylights–fixed, vented, and tubular skylights, all of which might cost differently to repair. The most that someone will spend on skylight repairs is around $300 on the low side and $500 on the high side. Of course, the type of skylight will determine that cost but the type of damage and extent of damage can also determine the cost of skylight repair.

Can Skylights Be Repaired?

Because of the location of a skylight, many people assume that skylights can’t be repaired, but that isn’t true. If the skylight isn’t severely damaged, then they can be repaired as good as new. Since skylights can be repaired, who can repair skylight? Calling expert skylight repair contractors are your best bet when you want quality and correct repair service. The way that roofers are able to repair leaking skylights is by pulling up shingles around the skylight and checking to see if there are damages to the flashing or sealing. If there are problems with the skylight flashing or sealing, then using caulking or roofing cement may be a good solution. After caulking or using roof cement on the flashing, a roofer can check other areas of the skylight to ensure there are no leaks or other damages.

Skylight Repair and Installation

A Picture of Someone Installing a Metal Frame for a Skylight.

Are Skylights Worth it?

For those who don’t have a skylight, they might be considering having one installed in one of the rooms in their home. There are a lot of things to love about skylights such as.

  • Increase Lighting: Instead of turning on a bunch of lights inside your home, you can get natural lighting in your home with the help of a skylight or two.
  • Decrease Energy Bills: Because you will be using less electricity to brighten up certain spaces in your home, you will be reducing the cost of your energy bills.
  • Visual Appeal: Adding a skylight in your home can easily increase the look of one of your rooms. It’s a great way to add more visual appeal.
  • Health Advantages: Having natural light in your house can combat a lot of issues like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and vitamin D deficiency.

People who are thinking about getting a skylight installed usually want to know “How long will a skylight last?” and the answer is that they will last up to 8 or 15 years depending on the maintenance and repairs it acquires. If you think that you need skylight repair for your home, you can call the professionals at Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc.. We are able to offer skylight service in Baltimore, MD that includes skylight repair and installation services. Just like you wouldn’t get a sewer line inspection from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, you want to do the same with a skylight repair. There will be times when repairs are not going to work for a skylight. The age of the skylight, trying to use an old skylight on a new roof, and inadequate sealing can be some of the reasons that you need to replace skylight roof. Whatever type of skylight service you are needing, our team is here to help you. Just call us at (410)-288-1633 and we can set up an appointment time that is convenient for you.