How do I install new windows in my house?

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Do you install replacement windows from the inside or outside?

With energy conservation on everyone’s mind these days and cutting back on monthly bills an ongoing goal for every homeowner, new window installation is popular. With added insulation in the attic and walls, new window installation can increase your monthly savings while conserving the energy used too. This is a win-win for homeowner and Mother Earth.

When a homeowner is considering the kind of new window to installation, this is a common question and the answer is: In most cases, it doesn’t make any difference.  One company prefers to do exterior window installation while other companies may prefer to do new window installation from the inside. 

There are factors that can determine the process, such as new window installation from the outside requires cutting the exterior blind stop trim for the window to be attached. 

Often, that piece does not come off easily and will need replacement to complete the job. Or the contractor can trim it with aluminum to give the window installation a finished look. 

Window installation from the inside requires removing an interior trim stop to do complete caulking and sealing. Some contractors will do the caulking as they do the window installation and others do the caulking after the window installation is complete. Window installation and caulking are important to create the proper moisture barrier, and each contractor has their own technique. 

The end result that the homeowner needs to be concerned with is the window installation is complete and there isn’t any potential for drafts when the job is done. No doubt that a new window installation from the outside is less disruptive to the homeowner’s daily activity, but the best job is the focus. 

How long does window installation take?

A big concern for every homeowner that is considering new window installation is the process of the job and how long it will take. Having new window installation is an expense that the homeowner has thought through thoroughly and time is of the essence, especially if right before the holidays. 

Window installation jobs vary from house to house based on these factors: 

  • Number of windows
  • Size and style of windows
  • Condition of the window opening 

In most cases, a window installation job is completed in one day with the average time per window 30 to 45 minutes. You might be able to replace all your home’s windows in just one day. 

How messy is window replacement?

Well, we can promise one thing – it is not a neat and tidy job to complete a window installation job. Keep your focus on the end prize: A beautiful home that is going to give you years of energy efficiency!  Then follow these steps to get prepared: 

  • Remove All Window Treatments: The blinds, curtains, drapes, etc. should be removed before the window installation crew arrives.
  • Prep the Yard: Most of a window installation job will happen around the exterior of your home. Remove everything you can like lawn furniture, flower pots, toys, water hose and caddy’s, doghouse,  and other items within a 4 to 5-foot range. Cover your plantings and shrubs that can’t be moved. 
  • Clear The Interior Space:  A lot of the window installation work will take place inside too. Move any furniture, plants, and toys away from the windows, allowing them space to work. You may to remove any pictures and wall decorations too. Make sure they have a clear walkway from inside to outside they carry windows in and out along with their tools. 
  • Remove Window Security Sensors: If you have a security system installed that includes window sensors, either contact the security company to remove them or remove them yourself. They’ll need to be replaced once the window installation is complete, the security company may need to reprogram the system. 
  • Empty Electrical Outlets: The window installation crew will have power tools and need electrical outlets. While you’re removing things from the wall, unplug lamps, televisions, and other items. 
  • Prepare yourself – it will be messy.  A professional and reputable window installation company will take the steps they can minimizing the mess and do a clean-up after the job is complete.  When you’re getting quotes, make sure this is stated in the quote and the contract. 

Is it hard to install a window? and  Can I install a window myself?

These are the most common questions and we’re going to answer yes, new window installation can be hard and yes, you can do the job yourself, but you shouldn’t. Now, we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t do your own new window installation: 

  • Energy Efficiency Reduced: Remember your main goal with new window installation is energy efficiency. For this to happen, each window must be air-tight fit and professionals know how to make that happen. 
  • Aesthetic Quality: As a non-professional, there will likely be things you miss or skip thinking it isn’t necessary, but at the end of the window installation job, something is amiss, and the curb appeal is missing something or just isn’t right aesthetically.
  • Security: Most new window installation jobs are safe, but there are certain dangers that a DIY homeowner won’t know to anticipate or how to react. It is critical to avoid having an improperly installed window, leaving it unable to close and lock properly, allowing easy intrusion, breeching the homeowner and family’s security.
  • Necessary Tools:  New window installation requires window installation tools that the average homeowner isn’t going to have. Professional contractors have made the investment in proper equipment and tools because they use them every day. This will be likely be a one and done job for you, having specially purchased tools with no other purpose. 
  • No Guarantee or Warranty: A new window installation job is something you want guaranteed and you want to have warranty on the product. Most window manufacturers will not honor a window installation warranty if the product isn’t installed by a certified and licensed contractor. 

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