TPO Roofing Installation and Repair

tpo roofing

Being Available in a Variety of Reflective Colors, It Has the Ability to Be Used on All Types of Buildings.

Are you looking for a cost-effective, durable roofing for your business in Dundalk, MD or the nearby area? TPO roofing is going to be an ideal option for you. They offer the advantages of PVC roofs and EPDM rubber roofs but are much more economical. Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. is here to handle all of your TPO roofing needs throughout Dundalk, MD. We will come out to your business and do a complete inspection of your roof. Our experts will then go over our findings and discuss your best options. We will even do a completely new installation if necessary. Give us a call today at (410) 288-1633 or contact us online to set up your appointment today!

Benefits of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing comes in a varied selection of UV reflective color choices and looks good on many types of buildings. This is an energy efficient option for your building and allows you to save money that is normally lost to maintain comfortable conditions within the building. For the best energy efficiency, be sure to go with TPO membrane that has a smooth surface. This feature is vital because it offers the best protection against debris and dirt, which can decrease the roofing system’s reflective properties and lead to early aging over time.

TPO roofing laminates are flexible and naturally resist mold, soil, and tearing. Its flexibility allows it to easily adjust to the settling that occurs organically and the effects of thermal expansion more than most one-ply roofing products. TPO roofing is preferred by more business owners because it helps save energy, thus saving them money.

Most TPO roof systems normally come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. But because Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. has “Master Elite” certification, our TPO roofing is backed by the GAF extended warranty.

The roofing of your business is essential. It has to be properly maintained to stay operational because without it, you risk letting in the outdoor elements. That could spell trouble for some businesses. If you’re looking to make a decision on your roof or simply need TPO roofing in Dundalk, MD or the surrounding area, call us! You can reach Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. at (410) 288-1633.