Modified Rubber Installation and Repair

Interested in modified rubber roofing in Dundalk, MD? We know that a quality membrane roof is essential to keeping your business safe and functional. That is why we provide certified roofing installation and repair from our expert roofing contractors. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential roofing services in Dundalk, MD or the surrounding areas, Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. can help. Contact us at (410) 288-1633 about our modified rubber roofing services today!

Types of Membrane Roofing

Modified Rubber Installation

Modified Rubber Installation Has Various Benefits Opposed to the Old Asphalt and Gravel Technique.

Modified rubber roofing, often referred to as modified bitumen or modbit, is one of the three main types of membrane roofing. Others include thermoplastic membrane (TPO) and synthetic rubber (EPDM). These roofing materials are often used on flat roofs of either commercial or residential building. Because flat or low pitch roofs do not shed water as easily as the average gable roof, the roofing surface must be properly installed and sealed with precision. Membrane roofing is a solid choice because it helps prevent water damage, it is very durable, and offers many advantages over asphalt and gravel roofs.


So why choose modified rubber material for your roof? Modified rubber in Dundalk, MD is a roofing material made from asphalt and other solvents. It is available in more colors and thicknesses than EPDM and typically has lower installation costs. Compared to the older method of asphalt and gravel roofing, it has many benefits:

  • Has fewer cracks or leaks at seams than asphalt and gravel
  • Is attached directly to top of building, no need for gravel
  • Is available in a variety of colors
  • Reflects UV rays, extending roof’s life
  • Resists expansion and contraction


Modified Bitumen Installation

Not Only Do We Provide You With Professional Installation, But We Use High-Quality Material.

A modified rubber roof will last 10 to 15 years in average conditions. The better you care for the roof, the longer it will last. However, problems can occur, especially if your roof was not properly installed. If you notice water pooling, leaks, cracks, or debris, schedule an inspection and one of our certified roofers will come and take a look. When water leaks into a flat roof, it can go unnoticed for a long time. This leads to extensive and costly damage. Avoid a headache and carefully inspect your roof regularly or call a professional roofer.

Our certified roofers would be happy to help you with modified rubber roof installation or repair in Dundalk, MD and throughout neighboring counties. Give the pros at Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. a call at (410) 288-1633 today!