EPDM Roofing Installation and Repair

EPDM Installation

The Durability of EPDM Roofing Makes it an Increasingly Popular Roofing Material with All Types of Property Owners

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All About EPDM Roofing

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, which is manufactured in rolls and is similar to rubber. This roofing system can be either adhered to the surface or laid down loosely and ballasted with rock. EPDM comes in both black and white. White roofs are preferred because they are considered much more energy efficient seeing as though they reflect sun rays rather than absorb, like black, typically does.

There are several reasons EPDM has become so popular in commercial roofing:

  • Able to withstand UV damage
  • Adjusts to structural movement without significant stress to the membrane
  • Available in sheets of as much as 50-feet wide
  • Does not deteriorate
  • Maintains flexibility without shattering in freezing temperatures.
  • Resistance to hail damage and thermal shock

EPDM has become one of the industry’s top choices for roofing materials. The membrane of EPDM resist freezing temperatures during those colder months as well as withstand the beating that comes from those intense UV rays. But as with any roofing system, the key to extending its overall lifespan is regular inspections and maintenance. With inspections, certain issues can be addressed, such as repairing roof flashings and penetrations, reattaching loose membrane, or restoring ballasts.

The roof that is going to be the best option for you completely depends on the structure and your budget. We’re here to provide you with our expert opinion and help walk you through the entire process. Recovery Home Repair is second to none when it comes to EPDM roofing installation in Baltimore, MD and nearby cities. Be sure to give Recovery Home Improvement a call to see if EPDM is the right choice for you. we can be reached at (410) 288-1633.