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The Value of Professional Roof Leak Inspections

Did you know that your roof could have a leak and you might not even know it? Leaks can happen to anyone’s roof; even a strong roof is susceptible to leaks under certain conditions. That’s why it is so important to develop an inspection schedule for your roof with a reputable roofer. Hire a profession you trust to offer you professional roof leak inspections on an established basis to prevent and catch leaks before they become big problems.

Roof Leak Inspections and Professional Roof Maintenance

Water Gutter Spout

Have Professional Roof Leak Inspections and Save Your Roof.

A solid maintenance plan for your roof should include regular inspections for leaks, and for any other potential issues that could mean costly repairs if they’re not caught early. This is particularly true if your roof is older. It is not an easy thing to see everything that is happening on your roof. It’s also not safe to be up there in general. Plus, there are things you could miss, even if you do get up there.

Get help checking for leaks, and get help making your roof last longer. Leak detection is part of good roof repair prevention. Even small leaks and excess moisture can damage your roof’s structure. Hire a professional roofer to check your roofing system thoroughly for any moisture issues, drainage problems, and anything that might cause leaks. These thorough checks could save you from a roofing catastrophe.

When you need professional roof leak inspections in Baltimore, MD, call us at Recovery Roofing & Home Improvement, Inc. Reach us at (410) 288-1633 for all your local roofing services.

Have a New Year Roof Inspection

The new year is here. Hopefully, you’re able to make your resolutions happen. You probably have plenty of things to do as your new year starts, but there is one thing you should add to your list for the sake of your home: a roof inspection.

The Importance of Roof Inspections

Roofer Silhouette

Have a New Year Roof Inspection.

Roof inspections are important things. Many people put them off. The reasons are many; they take time and money, there’s fear that something will be found and you’ll have to pay for repairs, or you’re worried about having the money for the inspection and possible repairs. Despite all this, it’s important to have your roof checked every year. Even a strong roof can have damage without you knowing it, and that damage can occur fast.

During the winter that begins prior to the new year, your roof could experience all sorts of weather that causes damage. Cold, rough winds can shake shingles loose. Ice and snow can weigh on your roof. Melting ice and snow can leak into your roof. Ice dams can form at the edge, preventing proper water runoff and increasing risks of mold, mildew, and roof rot. Your gutters can get full, weigh down, and cause roof damage. There are any number of possible problems that can develop over the winter, even if your roof started out strong.

A professional roof inspection can find those problems, if they exist. Just because you have a roof inspection doesn’t mean you’ll be paying for repairs. It means you will know the state of your roof, and that you’re doing what it takes to make sure it gets proper care. The roof over your head is too important to let slide. Have a new year roof inspection. Call Recovery Home Improvement, Inc. for roofing services in Baltimore, MD at (410) 288-1633.

How To Safely Hang Lights From Your Roof This Holiday Season

Holiday Lights

Mini Lights Are An Energy Efficient And Cool Burning Option For Decorative Lighting!

With Christmas on it’s way, many homeowners are eager to decorate and share their Christmas cheer! However, not everyone is a light-hanging expert, and when the new year starts, we often get calls to repair damages caused by improper light-hanging techniques! In today’s post, we will go over a few simple ways to keep your light hanging experience safer for yourself, as well as safer for your roof!

Safety First

There are a few things to consider when it comes to safety in these situations. First, wait for some decent weather. If it is a low-light, damp, or wet day,  you risk your health, and increase your chances of slipping. When you have some nice dry weather, use a ladder that can extend a couple feet past your eaves, and be sure you have consistently stable ground to place it on.

Use The Right Equipment

Every single year, we see roof fascia filled with large staples and holes, because a homeowner used staples to hang up their lights. There are actually various non-damaging light hook option on the market, and in the long run, such options will save you more money than the staples will. There are options for hanging from the eaves, as well as options for hanging from the fascia.

Consider Energy Efficient Options

As technology advances, we certainly get better Christmas lights! Newer mini lights are more energy efficient, and do no get hot to the touch in the way that older Christmas lights would. This can save you some money on powering the lights, as well as help you worry less about hot lights!

If while hanging your Christmas lights, you notice any signs of roof damage, be sure to give our team a call at (410) 288-1633 for fast and affordable repairs!

The Benefits Of EPDM


EPDM is Affordable, Reliable, And Requires Less Maintenance Than Other Options on The Market.

Have you been considering a single ply membrane roof solution for your commercial building? If so, you probably already know that EPDM is one of the most commonly chosen membranes, and with good reason. Amazingly durable is the top thing that pops into our minds in terms of EPDM roofs, but EPDM roofing systems do have other functionalities that make these such a great roofing systems for office buildings. Today we will discuss the various benefits of an EPDM single ply membrane roof!


EPDM is a least expensive roofing systems on the market for commercial building owners.

Fast Installation

The reason that EPDM roof installation is so quick is because of the incredibly powerful bonding coating used along with the durable material that is placed out onto the bonding coating, making it a particularly simple task.


Regardless if it’s stormy outside, hot, or really cool, an EPDM roofing system is able to widen and constrict depending on degrees outdoors and is able to repel moisture.

Energy Efficient

Commercial buildings that have EPDM roofing will lower air conditioner bills during the summer and actually decrease their heater expenses because of how well ventilated they make your building.


The coverage for an EPDM roofing system is about twenty years, but it is able to last even longer than that.

Learn More Today!

If you want a roof that is low maintenance and requires little to zero upgrades, an EPDM roofing system is the perfect option for you. When choosing your roofer, keep in mind that proper installation is the key to a long-lasting roof, and our roofers know exactly what to do. We utilize the best equipment, materials, and professional roofers to ensure that your office structure is protected, and also the people in it.

Contact our roofing company at (410) 288-1633 now to learn more about our commercial roof services.

Advantages of a Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar Shake Roof

There are multiple different kinds of roofing materials that offer extend lifetimes, resistance from weather and wind, and even protection from issues like Hail, insects, and mold and mildew. Cedar shake roofing has its own list of benefits, some of which are very different than any other type of roofing style.

Rustic, Natural Look

Cedar shake roofs have been used for centuries, and provide a beautiful, natural finish to your home. The shakes can be as textured or as smooth as you would like, and are available in tints, stains, and even painted varieties for a completely customizable look.

Minimal Shrinkage

While many don’t consider this roofing problem, it accounts for a large portion of leaks and needed repairs. As temperatures and humidity and rain levels fluctuate, your roofing system expands and contracts. Cedar shingles do not contract which can lead to pulling away from fasteners, flashings, and chimneys, so you won’t have to worry about the leaky areas.

High Resistance Level

Contrary to popular belief, cedar shakes are actually very resistant to weather, UV rays, and even insects. Your shakes can also come pretreated for extended water resistance, insect and pest protection, and resistance to mold, mildew, and rot.

When you are considering your roofing options, cedar shakes can be the ideal solution for your home by offering outstanding protective qualities, the strength and durability of natural cedar, and a beautiful traditional look of class and elegance. If you would like to know more about how cedar shingles can benefit you, call the experts at Recovery Home Improvement, Inc. for your roofing assessment.

Why It’s Important To Get Fascia Repairs for Your Roof

Why It's Important To Get Fascia Repairs for Your Roof

The Importance of Fascia Repairs.

While many people might not know what a fascia is, it’s an incredibly important part of our roofing systems. Located on the edge of your roof, the fascia is attached to the rafters of your roof in order to protect the roof from water damage. Because water damage can really affect the performance of the roof, the fascia is a critical component. However, the fascia is not protected against damages. Since it protects the roof from water damage, it will eventually get water damage, also. But besides protecting the roof, why is it important to get fascia repairs? Below are a few essential reasons.

Prevent Water Damage

Although stated above, it bears repeating. Because the fascia protects the roof from water damage, it’s important that it doesn’t become damaged by water. When it can’t properly do its job, it will cause substantial damage to the roof, which will then cost a lot in repairs.

Protect Your Gutters

The fascia is located behind the gutters but plays an important part in how it functions. When the fascia is damaged, it can cause the gutters to sag, which prevents it from removing water from the roof and home.

Avoid Rot

Fascia repair can help homeowners avoid rot. Because water damage is inevitable with a damaged fascia, so is rot. Get repairs as soon as possible in order to avoid a rotten fascia.

If you need fascia repair and replacement in Baltimore, MD, call Recovery Home Improvement today at (410)-288-1633.

Exterior Siding: The Benefits of Siding On a House

Exterior Siding: The Benefits of Siding On a House

There Are Many Benefits Of Siding For Your Residential Home.

Siding on a home is one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home. While that is a great benefit to siding, there are other advantages to installing this sturdy material to your home. Below are the benefits of siding on your home.

Energy Efficient

We all want ways to cut down on our heating and cooling utilities, and one of the great benefits of siding is it is a great way to lower expenses! They are able to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to wonderful siding material.


Unlike other exterior wall materials like wood, brick, or cement, siding is very affordable to install. Not only that, but it can increase the resale value of your home, so really you are saving money in the long run.


Whether you want a red house or you want your exterior walls to look like another material, siding is able to achieve any aesthetic that you want.


One of the huge benefits of siding on a home is that it is incredibly sturdy. A lot of exterior wall materials can become damaged due to inclement weather, outside elements, and even moisture, but siding is so durable that it is able to resist severe weather, outside elements, and moisture, providing great protection.


Because siding is a very sturdy material, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. A lot of exterior walls can become prone to rot, cracking, and even peeling paint, but siding will only need to be washed with some soap and water to continue to look good.

If you need siding installation in Baltimore, MD, call the professionals at Recovery Home Improvement today at (410)-288-1633.


What is the Best Siding Material?

Siding Installation

Siding installation is a good investment in your home

Homeowners thinking about siding installation often ask themselves the question: What is the best siding material? Siding comes in various types, including; brick, stucco, and vinyl. It’s hard to distinguish which is the best siding. Some of it depends on what type of house you live in. Do you have an upstairs? Do you have a basement? How is your curb appeal? All of these questions factor in to which is the best siding for your home. Here are some siding options you should consider:

Brick Siding

Brick siding is a great option for homeowners going for a classic design and feel. The material is reminiscent of colonial homes. Brick siding is typically more expensive than other types of siding. Water infiltration can be an issue for brick siding. However, this problem is protected against by adding a layer between the brick and the home exterior.

Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is the best siding material for homeowners who want a Spanish style home. Despite its tendency to crack, stucco is expected to last around 15 years with relatively low maintenance. Stucco is gaining popularity and could increase your home’s value on the market.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the best choice for consumers who value versatility and affordability. A variety of colors make vinyl siding a great match for decorative homeowners. Low maintenance is another benefit to vinyl siding. It’s a perfect match for homeowners who want a low maintenance but attractive siding option.

If there is another type of siding you are interested in, or you want to make an appointment for siding installation, call us at (410)-288-1633 today! We offer siding installation in Baltimore, MD!

How To Keep Your Residential Roof Protected This Spring

How To Keep Your Residential Roof Protected This Spring

Roof Protection Is Important In Order To Keep Your Residential Roof In Good Condition.

With the Spring season in full swing, rain showers are bound to hit your city. While rain is great for our lawns, severe weather can do a number on our residential roof. Although this can be stressful, there are a few roof protection tips you can follow in order to protect your roof this spring.

Check Your Shingles

Our shingles are the layer that ensures no water penetrates our homes. It is our first line of defense against inclement weather, so it is important to check your shingles for cracks, curling, buckling, and even missing shingles for the ultimate roof protection.

Clean Your Gutters

The purpose of our roof’s gutters is to carry away water from the roof. When gutters are clogged, it can back up water and cause leaks on the roof. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, cleaning your gutters every few months is a great roof protection step.

Inspect Flashing

The flashing on our roof is placed wherever there is a corner, joint, opening on your roof that needs to be sealed. Usually, the flashing is made from cement, tar, or even metal. When it becomes damaged, it can cause water to get into your home. Inspecting the flashing and fixing any issues can save you money and stress.

Examine Your Attic

After a big storm, you can go up in your attic and check to see if there is any damaged insulation, ceiling boards, or sheetrock. Water will hit your attic first, so checking that area will help you remedy the problem rather quickly.

If you don’t want to check these things yourself, consider a professional roof inspection from the professional roofers at Recovery Home Improvement! If you are interested in a roof inspection in Baltimore, MD, call them today at (410)-288-1633.

Pros and Cons of Different Gutter Materials

There are a wide variety of gutter materials and styles available, and choosing between them can be difficult. While there are two primary styles of gutters, half round and K-style, there are many more materials used. Here are some of the pros and cons of different gutter materials.


Gutters on Home

The Gutter Material You Choose will Affect their Level of Maintenance and Lifespan

Highly affordable and rust-proof, vinyl gutters are common on many homes. You can often find them in a variety of colors. However, vinyl is not an especially sturdy material and is known to grow brittle and crack in extreme cold. On average, vinyl gutters last 10-20 years.


Available in both galvanized steel and stainless steel, the two materials are very different! Though both are sturdy, galvanized steel will succumb to rust after about 20 years, while stainless does not rust and is nearly indestructible. This makes stainless steel gutters about twice as expensive as galvanized steel. However, both materials stand up well to rain, wind, snow, and hail.


Similar in price to vinyl, aluminum gutters are extremely lightweight and available in many colors. One big benefits is their rust-resistance; however, they are not very durable and can be easily damaged by hail and may not support heavy snow.


One of the most durable materials, copper is a more expensive option but will last for several decades. While many homeowners choose copper gutters for their appearance, it is important to remember that they will develop a patina and change color over time.

After analyzing the pros and cons of different gutter materials, call Recovery Home Improvement at (410)-288-1633 for gutter repair and replacement in Baltimore, MD!