Advantages of a Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar Shake Roof

There are multiple different kinds of roofing materials that offer extend lifetimes, resistance from weather and wind, and even protection from issues like Hail, insects, and mold and mildew. Cedar shake roofing has its own list of benefits, some of which are very different than any other type of roofing style.

Rustic, Natural Look

Cedar shake roofs have been used for centuries, and provide a beautiful, natural finish to your home. The shakes can be as textured or as smooth as you would like, and are available in tints, stains, and even painted varieties for a completely customizable look.

Minimal Shrinkage

While many don’t consider this roofing problem, it accounts for a large portion of leaks and needed repairs. As temperatures and humidity and rain levels fluctuate, your roofing system expands and contracts. Cedar shingles do not contract which can lead to pulling away from fasteners, flashings, and chimneys, so you won’t have to worry about the leaky areas.

High Resistance Level

Contrary to popular belief, cedar shakes are actually very resistant to weather, UV rays, and even insects. Your shakes can also come pretreated for extended water resistance, insect and pest protection, and resistance to mold, mildew, and rot.

When you are considering your roofing options, cedar shakes can be the ideal solution for your home by offering outstanding protective qualities, the strength and durability of natural cedar, and a beautiful traditional look of class and elegance. If you would like to know more about how cedar shingles can benefit you, call the experts at Recovery Home Improvement, Inc. for your roofing assessment.