Roof Leaks: What Causes Them?

Roof leaks are much more common than you think. They can happen at any time and if you don’t take the right care of your roof, you will find yourself in a situation needing a roof repair. Leaks can also cause damage to things like your HVAC system, but some brands for example, like an American Standard furnace, may have a warranty for times like this. A roof leak means that something has caused damage to your roof and when things like rain occur, it can let water come into your home and potentially cause serious damage.

What Causes a Roof To Leak?


Where Are Your Roof Leaks Coming From?

Storm Damage – Storm damage happens and when it does, your roof can be a huge taker of the hits. They create roofs that have higher impact rating for things like hail, heavy wind, and intense rain.

Age – The age of your roof is very important because once your roof starts to get up there in age, it can start to fall apart very quickly. This means that things like shingles can start to pull up and leave your home vulnerable to roof damage and water damage.

Outer Sources – Sometimes things happen to your roof that are beyond our control. What we mean by this is that things like telephone poles and trees, can fall on your roof and cause damage that is not able to stop.

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